Work from Home, A New Normal?

None of us would have imagined a situation where our office desk is our couch, the commute is the length of our hallway and the snack drawer is our entire pantry. But today, this has turned into a reality. In short, work from home is a concept where the employee can do his or her job from home. A synonym for work from home is “Telecommuting”.

The percentage of work from home employees are functioning pretty well. The four F’S must never be forgotten. They include Flexibility, Freedom, Fitness, and Financial security. The employees have the freedom and flexibility to work as and when they please. Staying at home has helped everyone nourish their body and eat properly which in return keeps the
body fit. The most crucial and satisfying part is financial stability.

Companies also are benefitting from this new way of working. The productivity of the employees has increased by 18% globally as reported by a few leading tech companies, the commuting time is saved, employees take fewer or no leave at all, the quality of work has improved, the continuity of businesses, and many more.

However, the Healthcare industry is working 24X7. Starting from doctors to nurses, healthcare support workers, respiratory therapists, and other staff are on the field constantly.

When there is an increase in productivity and the employees are being laid off, it may be good for the companies but bad for the economy and employees. The United Nations had said that about 25 Million job losses would take place worldwide due to Coronavirus. This fall in employment would lead to large income losses for workers estimated between $860 billion and $3.4 trillion by the end of 2020. Some industries which support the WEF are doing good, but some sectors like tourism and travel have been completely wiped off.

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