The Blockchain Industry

Even though the world is at a standstill, the crypto industry looks unaffected. The blockchain industry has been performing exceedingly well during the times of COVID19. Blockchain projects and companies have been functioning even more productively. Quite a few funding and seeding rounds have been taking place. Some of them include-

Project Funds raised 
ShuttleOne US$500K 
Amplitude $50 Million 
Authlink $300,000 
Happeo $12 Million

Since the start of the year, quite a few blockchain conferences have been canceled but for the past 1 month, there have been a lot of webinars and online expos in order to ensure the continuity of the crypto industry.

Few of the webinars include- 

Sr NoName of Webinar Conducted by Date 
Cryptocurrency in Times of Economic Turbulence Chainalysis May 15, 2020 
CBDCs & Stablecoins ConsenSys May 14, 2020 
Think, Platform, Services, trade finance IBM May 21, 2020 
Women in Enterprise blockchains Oracle May 20, 2020

A few of the upcoming conferences include-

Sr No. Name of Webinar Conducted by Date 
Enterprise Blockchains strategy and management – July 23, 2020 
International trade blockchain world Trade finance global June 17, 2020

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